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Come to Woodcrest for…

  • Training in writing, music, media
  • A spirit of family and community
  • Woodland beauty, serenity and joy
  • A love for prayer and the nations
  • Internship, outreach opportunities

Training opportunities

Get creative at YWAM Resonate in East Texas!

If God has called you to write – be it books, music, movie scripts or articles – there’s no better place to get creative than our 100-acre Woodcrest campus in East Texas. The campus offers an annual School of Writing as well as workshops, youth media camps and hands-on mentoring from resident editors and musicians. This peaceful, supportive environment for creative people comes with good technical support and an extra helping of Texas hospitality. We’re not far from the urban centers of Dallas and Tyler but it feels like they’re a million miles away.  Come to visit, come to learn, come to create with God’s guiding hand.